We understand that not every Golf Course is set up the same way. We offer four services that Golf Courses can choose to utilize – either altogether, or tailor which ones are applicable. Each feature is meant to provide Golfer’s an on-demand service that makes the Golfing experience all that much more enjoyable. There’s no need for interruption of pace of play and calling your Clubhouse to ask about your menu. 

Clubhouse Delivery

The Clubhouse Delivery feature is our vision of what the future looks like for Golf. Golfers are able to view your full Clubhouse menu, order, pay, and get it delivered to them out at the Golf Course. Whether that be a signature cheeseburger, a bloody mary, or some golf balls. Birdie Delivery provides real time GPS location so that every delivery can be completed with ease and accuracy.

Pick Up

If Golfers prefer to pick up at the turn, they are able to place an order which will notify your kitchen. By the time they arrive, the order will be available for pick up and the best part is, the order will already be paid for. It’s truly a grab and go service for Golfers. There is no longer a need to call your Clubhouse, ask what’s available on your menu, and run in at the turn to pay. 


With COVID being a major concern in our daily lives, patio dining has been the only option to incur dine-in revenue. Birdie Delivery provides a digital menu for patrons to view your menu, order, and pay, allowing them to sit down and enjoy the scenery until their food & beverages arrive. 

Cart Service Delivery

If you are not currently providing a full menu due to COVID or other reasons, no problem. Cart Service Delivery gives Golfers a “Cart Service on demand”. Golfers are able to view a menu that contains items that are available within your existing cart service. Premade sandwiches, chips, beers, etc.