Birdie Delivery provides a mobile application for your golfers to order what they want, when they want. Whether it be “Clubhouse on demand”, “Cart Service on demand”, pick up, or even dine-in. You can learn more about our features here. 


Providing an easy to use service such as Birdie Delivery would entice customers to purchase more items from your course. Sales would increase enough to offset the price of hiring someone to deliver food (a beverage cart isn’t required, just a regular course cart would do). If that is not an option, you can choose to utilize Birdie Delivery exclusively for pick up only. 

Birdie Delivery provides real time GPS tracking that allows you to view where the Golfer is at your Course. This makes delivery much easier by bringing Golfers orders directly to them regardless of where they are at the Course. 


You have the option to adjust when and what services are available. If you only have a cart service on Friday-Sunday, you can disable the delivery feature Monday-Thursday leaving only pick up orders. 

Birdie Delivery supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all forms of credit cards. There is no longer a need to run a credit card or have cash only. When the items get to the Golfer, the order is already paid for and all that’s left for them is to leave a tip through our application! 

Whether you have an extensive menu, or only provide hot dogs and beers, Birdie Delivery’s mission is to provide an on-demand service for Golfers. Being able to get a hot dog and beer when needed and not have to worry about pace of play is still valuable to both the Course and the Golfer. 

Birdie Delivery would work directly with that particular party to provide the platform to the Golfers at the Course. The menu, revenues, and operations would fall under that third party. 

We understand margins are very thin for Golf Courses.

There are NO upfront fees.

We offer a variety of subscriptions to match your course needs. Please contact for more information or use the live chat!

Birdie Delivery is meant to be an easy self-serve mobile application. Signing up is very easy through the mobile app and once that is complete, our team will reach out to you to confirm which of our features you’d like to utilize. Additionally, we would confirm the menu you’d like to provide. We will upload the menu for you and provide easy directions on how to use our app. 

Implementation of Birdie Delivery is very quick and easy. In a few hours, Birdie Delivery can be fully integrated with your daily Golf operations for your staff to utilize and start increasing revenue. 

Currently, we provide a tablet that provides an easy to use dashboard allowing you to track all incoming orders, accept them, and complete them. If POS integration is required, please feel free to contact us at and we can work with you for integrations. 

Birdie Delivery will provide the tablet at no charge and will take care of all marketing costs. This includes banners for the Clubhouse, and QR Code stickers for golf carts and your dining tables. Onboarding, implementation, and support will be provided by Birdie Delivery at no charge.